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Property Tax
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Sales Tax
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Severance Tax
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Due Diligence
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Don’t let property tax take a toll on your profitability.  Crest’s client-driven, solutions-focused approach to the property tax cycle was developed with your bottom line as the priority.  

From compliance to valuation and appeals to tax bill processing, our ala carte solutions are customized to fit your needs.  Our multi-state, multi-industry experience ensures our clients get the service they deserve and pay no more than they should.  

Property Types
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| Business Personal Property

A majority of states impose a tax on tangible assets with a penalty for failure to timely file the rendition.  Crest’s personal property professionals analyze the client’s assets for taxability, life of asset, obsolescence, and exemptions.  We ensure your renditions are properly and timely filed increasing profitability and protecting your bottom line.  


| Centrally Assessed Property


The risk of double assessed property or over-assessed property is high on centrally assessed properties.  That’s why our central assessment team works by client and not by area.  We know taking a holistic approach is the only way to serve our clients.  Not only on centrally assessed property but all property types.


| Minerals


The assessment of oil and gas properties varies by state.  At Crest, we have experience in every state and every methodology.   With extensive industry experience, our experts work with operator data to develop an aggressive approach for value reduction.and variances to be used in the reduction of taxable value.


| Real Property

We review your properties on an annual basis utilizing all methods to ensure each property is being assessed fairly and accurately.  


| Industries

⦁    Oil and Gas
⦁    Midstream

⦁    Chemical
⦁    Mining
⦁    Manufacturing
⦁    Commercial
⦁    Retail 



Crest’s sales and use tax team is dedicated to providing the highest level of service.  With experience in both taxation and operations, our focus is to recover lost revenue and eliminate potential liabilities.  From refund reviews and audit defense to developing compliance processes, we have you covered.  

| Overpayment Reviews

⦁    On-site data gathering
⦁    Detailed review to identify savings
⦁    Summary of findings presented to Client
⦁    File Refund Claims
⦁    Work directly with jurisdictions to obtain refunds
⦁    Present results and process improvements to client

| Audit Defense

⦁    Audit Notice Received
⦁    Gather and Reconcile Data
⦁    Sampling
⦁    Defend Position
⦁    Final Assessment
⦁    Appeals Process


| Compliance Assistance

⦁    Monthly sales tax compliance is where it all starts and where it can go right or terribly wrong.  Our sales tax experts will review monthly transactions to ensure you are reporting correctly.  

⦁    When filing and paying sales and use tax returns becomes too burdensome, our experts can take care of the entire process for you, freeing up your staff to focus on other tasks.  


| Consulting

Just as in property tax, our sales and use tax experts can provide valuable consulting in many areas.  From tax implications on future transactions, tax planning and strategy, to predominant use studies Crest’s experts stand ready to help.  

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One of the most advantageous areas for revenue recovery is severance tax.  Many operators fail to take advantage of deductions and exemptions and often make errors in the tax rates.  Crest’s professionals can do a thorough review of your severance tax filings to identify and recover overpayments. 


Severance tax regulations can be complicated.  There are many intricate factors and operational details that must be considered.  Only the very diligent and experienced consultants will find and capture all of the possible savings.  We take a deep dive on a well-by-well basis to identify the opportunities and then aggressively pursue those opportunities for recovery. 


We can also assist in optimizing your internal best practices so you can capture every incentive in the future.   



Many clients struggle with tax due diligence.  Property tax, sales and use tax, and unclaimed property are growing more complex each year with taxability varying widely by jurisdiction.  There is always a risk of exposure which can negatively impact a transaction.  Crest can provide due diligence support to identify potential exposures enabling your team to make informed decisions. 

Tax issues can make or break a deal and the scope of the deal becomes even more complex when multiple jurisdictions are involved.  It’s important to identify potential tax issues in a timely manner.  As part of the due diligence process, we analyze tax liabilities, compliance, tax payments, pending appeals, pending tax lawsuits, future refunds or credits, and rollback tax issues.  Our team will provide a report listing any material tax issues and/or future benefits or liabilities.  

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Property Tax
Sales Tax


Severance Tax
Due Diligence


Crest Tax Partners was born out of a love for serving clients and a desire to solve a persisting service gap in tax consulting.  Rather than experts delegating important projects to subordinates, Crest's experts DO THE WORK.  We don't simply review the work done by others.  We believe in leveraging our expertise, experience, and relationships to achieve the optimum tax savings for YOU.  

Crest is comprised of a SOLUTIONS driven team of experts with backgrounds in consulting, assessing, industry, and business ownership. This gives us unique insight into how to give our clients what they need because we have been the client.  Our internal processes are built around YOU.  

Our leadership team is driven to inspire excellence in our employees which leads to excellence for our clients.  

Crest is different.  Are you ready for a change?



| Innovation

We are committed to business principles that honor and respect all with whom we work and come in contact.  At Crest, core values are more than ethics, compliance, or even a code of conduct.  


Our Core Values DIFFERENTIATE us from our competition.  DEFINE our mission and aspirations.  STEER how we make decisions. GUIDE our behavior, collectively and individually.  


| Commitment


| Dedication


| Urgency


| Integrity



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